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Letter to the Editor
The Jewish Journal

September 1, 2000

Irving Moskowitz
Dr. Irving Moskowitz and his attorney, Beryl Weiner, have failed in their attempt to delegitimate the report of the Joint Legislative Audit Committee (JLAC) that provides "A Study in Redevelopment Abuse" in Hawaiian Gardens.

At a hearing in Sacramento last week, the JLAC affirmed the persuasive report as authentic. Weiner and his troops were present. So was our heroic Rabbi Haim Beliak, who has spearheaded the awesome effort of the Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem.

We owe appreciation to State Senator Richard Alarcon for his aggressive efforts in the Joint Legislative Audit Committee to pursue further the investigation of injustice in Hawaiian Gardens. Continuing investigation by the JLAC must expose the systematic pattern of civic abuse orchestrated by Moskowitz in Hawaiian Gardens.

The JLAC's July report on Moskowitz's manipulation of Hawaiian Gardens' redevelopment agency just began to open a public scandal in that beleaguered little city. The whole Moskowitz operation must now be exposed.

Moskowitz has channeled untold millions of dollars out of Hawaiian Gardens. I believe that he uses the funds in Jerusalem to cripple the Mideast peace process - in opposition to American and Israeli national policies.

In the name of justice and decency, Moskowitz must be stopped.

Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein
Associate Director
Pacific Southwest Region
Union of American Hebrew Congregations





Stop Moskowitz!