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Assassination Game Website
Sparks Controversy

There is a site on the Internet that "invites people to a "game" of destroying" Israeli leaders.  The site consists of an animation-based game where you use your mouse to click on pictures of Israeli leaders such as Ehud Barak, Shimon Peres, and Yosi Sarid; when you click your mouse button on a picture, it results in the picture "exploding" followed by the sound of screaming.

What does this have to do with the controversy in Hawaiian Gardens?  As explained in the Yedioth Aharonot story pf February 21 linked below, the website is registered to Cherna Moskowitz, the wife of Irving Moskowitz.

After this game was exposed in the Israeli press, on February 23 the web page with this game was taken off the Internet by the company hosting the website. But we have it here for you to see.

See the assassination game for yourself
(requires Shockwave Flash player)

Read the February 21, 2000 Yedioth Aharonot story describing the assassination game website and an investigation into its owner

By publicizing such a hateful use of the Internet, The Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem is attempting to make sure that California's leaders know exactly what Irving Moskowitz stands for - no Israeli-Palestinian peace - and, combined with Moskowitz' illegal acts in Hawaiian Gardens, should result in a rejection of his application for a California gambling license:

Please take a look at the following documents:

Read Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak's essay "Vigilance to Prevent Violence"

View the search results page that proves that Cherna Moskowitz owns the domain name ""

Read the Coalitions' news release concerning this hate website
(Adobe Acrobat document)

Sign Our Petition

Read the Coalition's letter to California Governor Gray Davis

Read the Coalition's letter to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer


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