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History: A highly agitational "think tank" founded in 1988, CSP has sometimes served as the political pasture for Reagan and Bush I administration officials who subsequently resurfaced as leading "neocon" voices in the current Bush administration.

Ideology: CSP's website says it's about "Promoting international peace through American strength. It accomplishes this goal by stimulating and informing national and international policy debates." Actually, the CSP has been one of the most audible voices for war against Iraq, posting pro-war documents on its website. It opposes the Israeli-Palestinian peace process.

CSP is Noted For: Its connection to the U.S. Government's most bellicose factions and the far right of the Zionist spectrum

CSP Key Leaders: James Degraffenreid, Margo D.B. Carlisle, Douglas Feith, currently the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, served as board chair before returning to the Pentagon in 2000. CSP was founded by Frank Gaffney, who held a post in the Reagan Defense Department. Gaffney has been described as a protégé of Defense Policy Board Chairman Richard Perle.

Money from Moskowitz's Bingo: $512,000 for CSP between 1992 and 2001; $100,000 for JINSA between 1997 and 2001

More Information:

CSP has close ties with the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA, another beneficiary of Moskowitz's Bingo), with several members serving on both groups' boards. JINSA was founded in 1976 by neoconservatives concerned that the United States might not provide Israel with adequate military supplies in the event of another Arab-Israeli war, according to The Nation.

A 2002 article in The Nation reported: "On no issue is the JINSA/CSP hard line more evident than in its relentless campaign for war--not just with Iraq, but 'total war,' as Michael Ledeen, one of the most influential JINSAns in Washington, put it last year. For this crew, 'regime change' by any means necessary in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority is an urgent imperative."

CSP has also received millions of dollars in donations from war contractors such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing, and Lockheed Martin executives sit on its board.

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