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The Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem
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Americans for Peace Now
Foundation for Middle East Peace
Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace
League of United Latin American Citizens
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund
Muslim Public Affairs Council
Progressive Jewish Alliance

The Shefa Fund supports us and offers advice on other Middle East peace projects. Visit their website for more information.

Our Advisory Committee  

Dr. Rachel Adler
Arlene Andrew
Yigal Arens
Reena Bernards
Dr. Karen Brodkin
Prof. Gerald Bubis
Miriam Cantor
Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels
Dr. Antonia Darder
Rabbi Laurence Edwards
Rabbi Lisa Edwards
Rabbi Stephen J. Einstein
Ralph Fertig
Rabbi Jeffrey A. Foust
Rabbi Pamela Frydman-Baugh
Rabbi Laura Geller
Prof. Miriyam Glazar
Dr. Amiram Goldblum

Rabbi Nadya Gross
Rabbi Victor Gross
Dr. Richard Hecht
Elaine Hoffman
Rabbi Steven Jacobs
Drs. Bruce & Carola Kaplan
Rabbi Jan Katzew
Rev. Mary Ellen Kilsby
Melodie Kleiman
Rabbi Marc Klein
Dr. Brian Koffman
Rabbi Allen Krause
Rabbi Jeff Marker
Carmen Marie Marquez
Mina K. Meyer
Walter McKinney
Dr. Lawrence Moss
Dr. Sharon M. Raphael

Rabbi Sanford Ragins
Rabbi Jeff N. Ronald
Bishop Joseph Sartoris
Rabbi Gerry Serota
Evelyn Laser Shlensky
David I. Shulman
Rabbi Don Singer
Rabbi Rav A. Soloff
Gary Stern
Joel Stern
Sandor and Faye Straus
Gila Svirsky
Uri Talil
Rabbi Arthur Waskow
Rabbi Zari Weiss
Steve Zeltzer

What Others Are Saying
Click on the links below to find out what other organizations and individuals are saying about Irving Moskowitz and his activities in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem:

Letter of Douglas E. Mirell
President of the Progressive Jewish Alliance
to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer
December 7, 2000

Rabbi Jerrold Goldstein's Letter to the Editor
Jewish Weekly
September 1, 2000

Press Conference Statement
by Rabbis Steven Jacobs and Jerry Goldstein

July 10, 2000

Press Conference Statement
by Professor Sharon Raphael

July 10, 2000

Press Conference Statement by Walter McKinney
Former Hawaiian Gardens Chief of Police
July 10, 2000

Central Conference of American Rabbis Resolution protests Moskowitz Foundation behavior
March 2000

Resolution of the Pacific Association of Reform Rabbis encourages investigations
January 6, 2000

Press Release
Americans for Peace Now

October 29, 1999

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