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August 9, 2004: Coalition launches letter-writing campaign for a "No" vote in advance of California Gambling Control Commission's August 19th vote on Irving Moskowitz's casino license application. Please click here to go to the letter-writing page and add your letter to the many that will be needed to convince the Commission to "do the right thing" and deny the license. Please click here to participate!

July 30, 2004: Moskowitz reportedly thwarted in attempted purchase of Jerusalem property key to peace deal. Moskowitz also reportedly donated money to settlers resisting Israel's announced withdrawal from Gaza. Please click here to read the Israeli news reports about these developments.

June 30, 2004: The Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem posts the slide show we've been presenting to organizations. In preparation for the Gambling Control Commission's upcoming vote on Irving Moskowitz's application for a permanent license to operate his Hawaiian Gardens casino, we have converted our Powerpoint presentation into an easily opened PDF file, giving our supporters quick access to the basic facts -- and a presentation to give to their own associates! Please click here to open the presentation (a PDF file).

June 2004. Coalition initiates call for Irving Moskowitz and fellow sponsors of a ballot measure to renounce racist promotional language. (Click here to read and sign it.) The initiative, which recently qualified for California's November ballot, would allow Moskowitz, ten fellow card club owners and a handful of race tracks to install thousands of slot machines. They are promoting their private-profit initiative by whipping up resentment of Native American economic achievement; their campaign slogans claim that sovereign Indian governments owe California a "fair share" of the revenue from tribal casinos. Moskowitz has donated over $800,000 to the campaign for the ballot measure, which would amend the California Constitution. Please click here to read the call and add your e-signature.

February 24, 2004: We publicly release a summary of the detailed confidential document we submitted to Commission in November.

Please click here to read it.

The Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem Responds to Rebuttal by Moskowitz Representatives Before the California Gambling Control Commission on January 9, 2004.

Please click here to read the rebuttal and our response.

California Gambling Control Commission hearing

On December 18, the California Gambling Control Commission held its long-awaited hearing on Moskowitz's permanent casino license. We believe that the speakers for our Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem made a very effective presentation of our arguments against giving Moskowitz a permanent license to run his Hawaiian Gardens Casino and succeeded in showing how Moskowitz lacked the good character required of a licensee.

So many of our allies -- and people we hadn't even known about - signed up to testify against granting the license that the Commission continued the hearing until January 9th. Speakers included our honorary chairpersons actor Ed Asner and filmmaker/education activist Wallace Albertson, as well as our co-chairs.

Our coalition also disclosed previously unknown information that Moskowitz secretly negotiated with two Southern California card clubs, offering them the opportunity to become substantial shareholders in his Hawaiian Gardens casino, and at the same time, he failed to disclose on a state license application, his effort to acquire business associates, a key element of state licensing law.

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Gambling on Extremism, How Irving Moskowitz took over a small town to bankroll Israel's anti-peace settlers

Acomprehensive report published December 16, 2003, on the devastating impact Moskowitz's California gambling operations have had on Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem, including new information on Moskowitz's ties to US "neocons."

What we have tried to do with this report is to create a comprehensive analysis of Moskowitz's own "road map" of obstructionism. Our goal was to understand: What was his strategy in East Jerusalem? How does he use his California gambling operations to further his goals? Why has the Hawaiian Gardens city government been unable to reign in his card club ambitions or at least harness them to the betterment - rather than the degradation - of their own civic community? And just where did the money come from that first enabled Moskowitz to seize the role of principal financier of Israel's extremists?

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The Coalition corresponds with Ateret Cohanim

When a leader of one of the most militant settler groups, Ateret Cohanim, emailed our co-director, we decided to respond. Ateret Cohanim runs a yeshiva where it prepares priests for the rebuilding of the ancient Jewish temple on Jerusalem's Temple Mount - a site currently occupied by two revered mosques. The group is perhaps best known for its involvement with apocalyptic Christian ranchers trying to breed a pure red sacrificial heifer.

Irving Moskowitz has given Ateret Cohanim $5.62 million from his Hawaiian Gardens bingo and group members have participated in his purchases and occupations of Palestinian properties in sensitive areas of Jerusalem. We hoped to have a discussion about the purpose of Moskowitz's land buys. Instead, we got wafts of the rhetoric of pathogenic religion. We have published the emails because we believe they provide an important window into the thinking of the minority of settlers implacably opposed to an equitable land-for-peace agreement. To explain Ateret Cohanim's coded rhetoric, we have published commentary by three scholars, as well as a brief introductory overview by Coalition Co-Director and Rabbi Haim Dov Beliak.

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Ateret Cohanim Update

December 8, 2003: Today Ateret Cohanim head Rabbi Shlomo Aviner announced publicly that Gaza is "holy" land and therefore not available for a compromise land-for-peace deal between Palestinians and Israelis.

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Irving & Cherna Moskowitz, Power Couple of Extremism

The Coalition for Justice in Hawaiian Gardens and Jerusalem has found columns in Jewish newspapers by Irving Moskowitz and Cherna Moskowitz extolling and justifying assassinations and violent political means to thwart Israeli-Palestinian peace. We do not dispute the Moskowitzes' right, under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, to proclaim their extremist pro-violence views -- and even to fund settlers who violently attack Palestinians. But the Moskowitzes have millions of dollars to spend on their political expression, thus their advocacy predictably results in death and injury.

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