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History: Founded in 1897 to support the re-establishment of a Jewish State, its past presidents have included Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis and Rabbi Dr. Abba Hillel Silver. While the ZOA has an honorable pedigree, sometime after 1973 the group became radically committed to revisionist Zionism and came to support the idea of forcibly transferring all Palestinian Arabs out of Israel.

Ideology: Resolutely Anti-Palestinian

Noted For: Crusades against US political appointees as well as academics it deems unacceptable. It also has campaigned to pass the Koby Mandell Act, a bill to establish an anti-Palestinian arm of the Justice Department.

Key Leaders: Morton Klein, the president who has taken home more than $100,000 a year since 1999 from this "nonprofit", Jacques Torczyner, Michael Orbach, Janice Sokolovshy

Money from Moskowitz's Bingo: $651,000 between 1994 and 2001.

More Information:

The Zionist Organization of America long-time president Morton Klein said his organization "made [its] reputation" under the Rabin and Peres governments of Israel. Distinguishing itself by its anti-peace diatribes, ZOA brags: "The issues that the ZOA deals with, which include monitoring U.S. appointments...that affect Jews in Israel and monitoring Arafat's anti-peace behavior, have nothing to do with which Israeli government is in power," he said in a Forward article.

Lately, the ZOA has taken a stance to the right of Israeli premiere Ariel Sharon. It has come out strongly against the Bush Administration's recent Middle East Road Map, and according to Jewish Week, the ZOA has vowed to work with Christian and Jewish groups and members of Congress to oppose any increase in US aid to the Palestinian Authority.

ZOA's crusades against political appointees included a very public and contentious campaign against Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs Martin Indyk's decision to hire Joseph Zogby, a young lawyer and the son of longtime Arab-American leader James Zogby. ZOA has taken aim at more obscure targets, including non-Jewish experts on the Holocaust.

The group also has championed the Koby Mandell Act, a bill that would create a special office within the Justice Department which would: gather evidence against Palestinian Arab killers of Americans; arrange to bring the terrorists to the U.S. for trial; and initiate negotiations with the Palestinian Authority for financial compensation for victims' families. Some Jewish groups have cautioned against singling out certain categories of Americans for special treatment (ie - American Jews) in the war against terrorism

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