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Beginnings: Established in 1994.

Ideology: According to its website, "To provide essential humanitarian assistance to the over 225,000 men, women and children living in the 150-plus communities throughout Judea, Samaria and Gaza." One Israel Fund is the largest philanthropic organization focused only on the settlements in the occupied West Bank and Gaza.

Noted For: Raising millions of dollars for settlements.

Key Leaders: Steven Orlow, Joseph Fried, Glen Segal, Morton Straus

Money from Moskowitz's Bingo: $1,205,000 between 1994 and 1997.

More Information:

One Israel Fund has not attracted a lot of media coverage. Here is what we have found to date:

"Jewish organizations such as the One Israel Fund have poured millions of dollars into security equipment, armored vehicles, day care centers, generators, ambulances, synagogues and other endeavors in West Bank settlements," writes Max Gross of

One Israel Fund has also purchased bulletproof vests and helmets for Jewish settlers, according to its website.

"We know that the struggle over Hebron, Schechem, Gush Katif and the Golan, is really the first stages in the battle to safeguard the future of Jerusalem," wrote National President Steven S. Orlow in a Sept. 2002 Passover Message on "If Israel's allies convince her leaders that 'peace' is the ultimate value of a democratic state, even more important than its security and preservation of its rightful heritage, then naturally even Jerusalem can be forfeited to Arafat for his promises of 'peace.' When Israel becomes a slave to the doctrine of 'peace' at all costs, then even Jerusalem is not too high a price for pledges of non-aggression from the Arab states."

The organization gave a "Defender of the Land" award to Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein.

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