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Personal Piggy Bank

How Moskowitz uses his “non-profit” Hawaiian Gardens bingo as a personal piggy bank.

Moskowitz has structured a web of Hawaiian Gardens foundations so he has many opportunities to do business with the non-profits he controls. As the community that staffs the bingo club and keeps it full remains impoverished, Moskowitz takes hundreds of thousands of bingo dollars to the bank. (This is, of course, in addition to the millions he channels to anti-peace causes.)

June 17, 2001: Irving Moskowitz pays himself over $320,000 from "charitable" bingo - this plus bingo money he's channeled to his private company [in .pdf format]

December 26, 2000: Coalition legal brief shows Moskowitz character unfit for casino license [in .pdf format]
August 20, 2000: Coalition Discovers That Moskowitz Again Funnels "Charity" Bingo Funds to Hospital He Leases [in .pdf format]

February 10, 2000: Coalition Presents Evidence of Contract Irregularity [in .pdf format]

February 20, 2001: Letter to California Attorney General Bill Lockyer Asking Him to Investigate a Loan from the Hawaiian Gardens City Council [in .pdf format]

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